Black Pearls

When I'm not piercing and soldering in my studio, I work at a family-owned jewelry store in Boston.  There are some cases with colorful, bohemian and/or traditional pieces that I love.

For the past week, I've been admiring a stunning strand of authentic, Tahitian, black pearls. These pearls are not actually black, but more of a dark green hue with a silky luster.  Each pearl is the size of a blueberry and they're all exactly the same color. Natural pearls are different shades so a strand that matches in hue, size, and shape, without any blemishes, is the most expensive.  

Shopping for good quality gemstones is sort of like shopping for fruit at the grocery store.  I like to pick up an apple so that I can look and feel for any bruises before I fill up a bag.  There are unattractive blemishes to look for in pearls.  Small dents on round pearls are very common.  There's a gem show this spring where I can see and touch all of the gemstones before purchasing. On this black pearl bead, you can see a dent right above the hole.

Unlike the pearl above, Baroque pearls have imperfections that are very attractive.  The uneven, organic shapes are balanced and work well together with or without a variety of colors.  In this photo, Sharon Stone is wearing a baroque pearl necklace.  You can see the different shapes and colors of each stone.

Below is another example of Baroque pearls.

I'm in love with both round and Baroque, black pearls and have found a future addition to Jade Deco Jewelry.  The different hues and luster are both brilliant and calm.  Definitely a statement piece with soft colors that work with any outfit for any event.  I've been scribbling new designs with a combo of silver, gold, and pearls.  We'll see what I come up with.   


Beautiful,love those pearls!

anne marie January 08, 2019

Beautifully discribed, both in words and photos!!
I can see how you could be on a black pearl kick. That are so pretty.
I do like the baroque style very much, too.

Mama January 05, 2019

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