Making rings for Jeff and Laura

Last winter my Uncle Jeff called from Washington and asked if I would make "unconventional wedding rings" for him and his fiancé, Laura.  I was thrilled and honored!  Laura wanted a subtle color gemstone, set in sterling silver.  On Facebook, she liked one of my moonstone rings, so I emailed her photos of different moonstones and similar gemstones to choose from.  She whittled them down to this little beauty for its size, shape, and smokey, green hue.   

Making the perfect bezel and ring, size 7.5, was the next step.  The bezel, or frame where the moonstone is set, comes as a strip of silver.  To create a custom bezel I wrapped the strip around the loose gemstone, cut the strip and soldered the ends together.  I then soldered that bezel onto a sheet of silver for a base.  To make the ring I pierced a long and thin rectangle from a thicker sheet of silver and then soldered the ends together.  You can see the size on the mandrel is between 7 and 8.

In this photo, the ring is tightly clamped in a vise to keep it from moving while I set the stone.

Here's my hand holding Laura's ring against a spinning, muslin buff on my polishing machine.  The muslin buff clears out any dents and scratches on the silver where the moonstone is set.  At the same time, this muslin is gentle so the moonstone won't be scratched.

I used a rougher buff to give Jeff's ring a matte finish.  The buff's texture is just like Scotchbrite.

The wedding was at the end of the earliest Sunday church service, 8 am.  It was an intimate wedding, just Jeff, Laura and the small congregation.  A friend walked Laura down the aisle and his wife made a wedding cake for after the church service.  You can see them standing behind Jeff and Laura, the man looking up and the woman to his left.

I enjoyed making those rings and being a little part of Jeff and Laura's wedding!  



Your uncle is a good looking guy.

Skipper McGillicuddy August 07, 2018

That’s a great story!

Cedric T. Hill, Sr. August 06, 2018

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