Me, taking photos for this post at the Canal Street Mill.I've always had a love for antiques and anything no one else had. When I was in elementary school, I would shop at a local vintage clothing store. I remember finding a 1970s rose-pink pair of cowgirl boots and two 1950s lace petticoats. I safety-pinned ribbons on the waistline of the petticoats so that they could be worn as dresses... with colorful turtlenecks on top! When you're 9-years-old and 4ft tall, that works for a decent school outfit. From my teens to mid-twenties, I worked at that same store. Richard, my boss, would leave new inventory behind the counter for me to display on the racks, cases, and shelves. I spent at least half of my paycheck in that store. How could I resist? I was the first to see everything that came in!

My husband, Robby, is also into antiques and vintage clothing. When I first met him, he had his hair greased back like Clark Gable and was wearing a vintage, leather aviator's jacket. I was wearing my purple, fitted maxi-coat from the 60s. We didn't fit in with the crowd, but we fit each other perfectly.  

A couple of summers ago, Robby and I wandered around Boston and towards SOWA, where we stumbled upon a shop that specialized in antiques from Asia. There was a small selection of 19th century, Asian furniture with a particular piece that we both admired - a giant, Chinese cabinet with impeccable craftsmanship. The cabinet was stunning and eminently useful, but alas, out of our price range. We visit a number of antique stores in Massachusetts, so we kept our eyes peeled for one that we could actually afford. Luckily, we found a rosewood Chinese Cabinet at an astounding 90% discount at one of our antique shops we regularly frequent. It took 4 men to carry that cabinet up the stairs and carefully set it in our living room it was so heavy.

Below you can see the distinct, Chinese woodwork with circles as symbols of perfection and unity. Robby is standing next to the cabinet and my hand holding one of the decorative, metal ornaments hanging below the knobs.

I also have a thing for lamps and chandeliers and I love to mix and match different items from different cultures and times. On Etsy, I found a pair of Danish pendant lamps from the 1950s. Below is a close up of one of them. What attracts me to antiques and vintage items is the combination of quality and uniqueness. Just a little bit goes a long way. A funky pair of Danish lamps can add character to a modern kitchen and the soft, honey color doesn't take over - it balances the composition of the room.

Robby and I are regulars at the mills in Lawrence and other antique shops on the north shore of Massachusetts. We're like an old couple, on Sundays we go out to breakfast and then shop for antiques or play board games. It's like a treasure hunt - there's a lot of junk to dig through, but if you keep looking you never know what you might find.